Creating Your Own Website is Just Like Building a House

This is a conversation between two college students. They are talking about how to build a website. You will see that building a website is just like making a house. build a website

Maria: Hello Lily

Amy: Hi Emma

Maria: Can I have some tips from you?

Amy: Sure

Maria: Do you know how to build a website? I need a website for my school project.

Amy: Ok, It’s just like making a house. We need the exact 4 things to build a house. We needed 4 things, an address, some space, builders and some decorations. Then you can build the house.

Maria: Oh, I get it now.

Amy: When you have your materials start building it up. When you have built it then you decorate it.

Maria: Ok, Iv’e got it. Thanks Lily.

Amy: No problem. 

                                                                                                                                                how to create own website
Making a website is just like building a house. For a web we also need these things, an address, space, builders and decorations.

  • First we need a domain name ( address )
  • Then we need a web hosting ( space )
  • After that we need a software ( builder )
  • Lastly we need to decorate the finished website ( decorations )

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