How to Create Your Own Portfolio Website for Your Business

Clear and simple steps to make a stunning portfolio website quickly without breaking the bank. An impressive portfolio website can help portray quality and professionalism for any business including photography, event management, food catering, services, real estate and much more.

Step 1: Register a Domain Name:

Before you begin in publishing your self-hosted portfolio website online, you need to have your own registered domain name. Your domain name is responsible for the unique identity of your website online so that visitors can quickly find it and remember it. Such concept is the same  to a home address for a particular house so that visitors and the delivery man can quickly identify the house in a particular location. You can register your domain name at any accredited domain registrar like or Godaddy.

Step 2: Sign Up for a Web Hosting Account:

After you have your domain name, it’s is time for you to get your own premium web hosting service account. Your web host is responsible for your site’s visibility online and as well as the making or breaking of your online presence. Thus, you need to have a reliable web hosting provider that can meet or even exceed or web hosting requirements but at a cheaper price. Hostgator is one of the most trusted web hosting company that is rated A+ by BBB and has a longer money back guarantee which signifies how high quality is their web hosting service is and their seriousness in offering their web hosting service at almost free $0.01 for the first month plus a money back guarantee. You can use their Hostgator coupons to obtain cheaper prices.

Step 3: Create Your Website:

Almost all thought that it is difficult to build website. Not anymore! With today’s technology, there are simpler solution to enable you to create website like content management system such as WordPress that can be quickly installed via auto-installer like Fantastico and QuickInstall found in your cPanel. Of course, you can hire someone to create the site for you but that could be expensive depending on the customizations you want.

Step 4: Customize Your Website:

The trick to quickly create a quality portfolio website is to use WordPress’ professional portfolio themes. Content management system such as WordPress has huge selection of themes and plugins that you can easily integrate in your website. Here are some great looking portfolio themes that you can utilize:

  • Extinct – delicately handcrafted to meet the needs of a creative agency or similar businesses
    creating portfolio website
  • Wonder – a nice, beautiful, powerful & simply wonderful Portfolio / Gallery WordPress theme
    creating portfolio website

If you want more beautiful portfolio themes, search at Themeforest.

It is easy as it seems, don’t you think? Feel free to give it a try. In case you have inquiries or if you get stuck at any of the steps above, feel free to ask for help ask how to make website.